A fun Game Jam for both beginners and advanced game developers.

In this Game Jam, we are inviting both high schoolers or other beginners who have little to no major game development experience and more advanced developers who are more comfortable with the process. Our goal is to bridge the gap between amateur and experienced game developers by offering a competitive environment where amateur developers still have the incentive to participate while keeping in close contact with more experienced developers. 

There are two categories for prizes: novice and advanced. The novice prize is opt-in; only high school stuudents and younger may compete for this prize. The advanced prize is open to anyone—both amateur and experienced game developers may compete for this prize. Both amateur and experienced developers will both make use of the same theme, which better enables them to offer advice to each other on the Devpost Discussions section. 

The theme of the game jam will be announced at August 6th 8:00 AM Pacific Time (11:00 AM Eastern). Submissions will close on August 9th, 6:00 PM Pacific Time (9:00 PM Eastern Time). 

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$30 in prizes

TBD Novice Prize

We're still deciding on the exact prizes

TBD Advanced Prize

We are still deciding on the exact prizes.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Anyone can participant in MelonJam! However, be aware that only high school students are eligible for the novice prize. You may participate in teams of up to three people. If you participate in teams, all members of your team must be middle or high school students in order to be eligible. 


Please submit your project, even if it isn't finished. If you were unable to add any instructions to your game within the alloted time, you may submit a pdf containing the instructions. Videos, PDFs, and other forms of media explaining your submission would be nice, but are not at all required.





Judging Criteria

  • Gameplay
    How well the game squeezes out value from its mechanics. Good gameplay should give the player limitations, and give the player to opportunities to explore those limitations.
  • Graphics/Polish
    How impressive the project looks. Objects of importance should be easily differentiable from other objects, and in general the game should be visually appealing.
  • Game Feel
    How appropriate and appealing the controls feel (snappy platforming, impactful heavy attacks, or the like).
  • Innovation
    How “new” a concept in the game is (avant-garde graphics, new gameplay concepts, new interpretations or combinations of old concepts, etc.)
  • Theme
    How well the game interprets the theme. The more creative the interpretation that still reasonably matches the theme, the higher your game's score in this category.


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